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With so many wonderful products from hard-working visionaries who are truly invested in our well-being and the well-being of the planet, it seemed natural to put them in the spotlight whenever possible. We are honored to be able to offer FREE DEMOS from time to time, because we know you like to be well informed and you care about the products and foods you bring into your home. Join us whenever you can. Demos are FREE.

Stony Pond Farm, of Fairfield, produces a delicious cave-aged raw milk cheese called Swallow Tail Tomme. Make sure you stop in between 10:30 and 12:30 on Saturday, December 21st for a FREE DEMO and tasty samples.

All Stony Pond Farm cheese is made in small batches with milk from its wonderful herd of hardy Jersey, Devon, Ayrshire, British White and cross cattle who graze on nutrient-rich, certified organic pasture. The herd spends each day peacefully eating what nature designed them to eat. They have ample room to roam, exercise, play, and relax. The feed is never supplemented with antibiotics, feed stuffs or growth hormones. Stony Pond Farm’s milk has earned numerous superior quality awards and has contributed to the award-winning array of Organic Valley products available nationwide.

Enjoy a taste of their deeply and naturally delicious cave-aged, raw milk cheese, Swallow Tail Tomme, named after all the amazing tree and barn swallows that grace the farm during the summer months.

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